Prep time 30 min
Cook time 0 min
Serves 16
Nutritional information per serving
Weight 16 g


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  1. combine milk and hazelnut liqueur. working with 1 packet of biscuits at a time, use a pastry brush to brush the back of each biscuit with the milk mixture to soften slightly; then spread each biscuit with 1 tsp cream mixture; placing biscuits on their side, sandwiching them together to form a log.
  2. repeat with remaining biscuits, milk mixture and cream mixture to form a second log, next to the first log. cover and refrigerate overnight.
  3. the day of serving, combine plaistowe premium dark chocolate and extra cream in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. stir with a metal spoon until smooth. remove bowl from heat. set aside at room temperature to cool (note: this could take up to 3 hours), stirring occasionally, until ganache is thick and spreadable.
  4. spread ganache all over top and sides of cake to form log. dust with NESTLÉ baking cocoa.

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