These days, it only takes a quick Google search or Instagram browse to find incredible food inspiration. But often, these drool-worthy recipes come with ingredients lists and cook times that’ll have your eyes water instead. It can feel pretty overwhelming.

That’s why we created It’s your one stop destination for no-fuss, super-delicious recipes that are as much fun to prepare as they are to devour!

Every recipe features clever time-saving techniques and trusted Nestle products. Which means you can deliver maximum wow-factor with minimum time spent in the kitchen.


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Inspiration by Nestlé

Nestlé products have been the inspiration behind some of Australia's favourite dishes for generations and is here to showcase the best recipes, hints, hacks and tricks with Nestlé ingredients to help you make impressive food, as easily as possible.

From weeknight dinners, to treats for special occasions, we’ve got you covered. All recipes are designed to be simple and easy to follow, so you can spend more time enjoying good company and good food.

Chocolate cake

Our triple tried-and-tested recipes are created by Nestlé’s cooking team to ensure you can recreate the same great results at home. Whether you’re picking up a frying pan for the first time, or a seasoned cook, our collection of easy recipes are sure to hit the spot.

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