Why are my cakes burning on the edges, while remaining uncooked in the centre?

We have all burnt a cake in our baking lifetime and it can be very disappointing to say the least.  Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you stay clear of the burns by smartly using your oven shelf and oven dishes!

  1. If you have a regular bake oven (as opposed to fan-forced), always put your baking items (travy, oven dish, etc.) on an oven shelf as close to the centre of the oven as possible. This will prevent your cake and even other items from burning from the bottom of the tin

Burnt Cake
Perfect Cake
  1. If your cakes are burning around the edges and not cooking in the centre, there are two things you can try:

    • Turn down the temperature and bake for longer on the oven shelf

    • Use a silicon oven dish as it transfers heat a lot slower and doesn’t burn the edges