Prep time 151 min
Cook time 105 min
Serves 8
Nutritional information per serving
Weight 8 g
Calories 652 cal
Total Fat 21.3 g
Saturated Fat 12.9 g
Carbs 99.4 g
Sugars 68.5 g
Sodium 146 mg
Fibre 4.5 g
Protein 7.8 g


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  1. grease and base line a 2 litre pudding basin.
  2. combine sultanas, prunes, raisins, currants, cherries, ginger, orange juice, orange zest and brandy in a large bowl; stir well, stand 1 hour.
  3. beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy; add egg, beat well. beat in plaistowe premium dark chocolate. fold in sifted flour and spice, mix well.
  4. pour into prepared basin; cover with foil or a tight fitting lid. place in large boiler or saucepan; pour in boiling water to come half way up sides of basin. cover and boil 1¾ hours, topping up with boiling water if necessary. remove from pan, stand overnight before turning out.
  5. serve hot or cold with custard. decorate with fresh berries if desired.

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