Prep time 20 min
Cook time 0 min
Serves 12
Nutritional information per serving
Weight 12 g


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  1. grease an 8 cup (2l) pudding basin and line with cling wrap. allowing the sides to overhang slightly.
  2. using an electric mixer, mix egg yolks and half the sugar in a large bowl until pale and thick. add cream, mix 4-5 minutes until thick, add NESTLÉ top’ n’ fill caramel, mix until just combined.
  3. in a separate bowl beat eggwhites and remaining sugar until stiff peaks form; fold into egg yolk mixture until just combined. gently fold in crumbed christmas pudding, and NESTLÉ caramel bits.
  4. pour mixture into prepared pan. smooth surface. cover with plastic wrap. freeze overnight.
  5. dip pan in hot water for 10 seconds. turn out onto a serving platter, remove plastic wrap and drizzle with melted NESTLÉ white melts.

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