Prep time 10 min
Cook time 15 min
Serves 10
Nutritional information per serving


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  1. In a medium saucepan, combine milk, vanilla, sugar and butter; bring to the boil. Remove from heat; sieve the flour into the mixture, stir with wooden spoon until mixture is smooth and comes away from edges, cool a few minutes and add egg yolks one at a time. Beat until silky. Transfer the mixture into a piping bag fixed with a large 2cm star nozzle
  2. In large sauce pan heat oil until it reaches 170°C. Working in batches if required, pipe 8cm lengths of dough into the oil, cutting the dough with kitchen scissors. Cook churros for 2 minutes or until golden brown, remove churros from oil, place onto paper towel to absorb any excess oil. Roll to coat in cinnamon sugar.
  3. Serve churros drizzled in Nestle Caramel Dulce de Leche Squeezy and squeeze extra in a small bowl to make dipping sauce.

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